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About Us

English Marathon is a competition where children are motivated to improve the language on their own. It helps to improve the communication skill by enhancing vocabulary, and through proper usage of words. Also, the marathon builds self confidence and helps the students to develop the potential to a great extent. Students from schools affiliated to CBSE / ICSE / and State Boards can participate in English Marathon. This competition is also open for Vernacular Medium Schools. Participation in English Marathon is a delightful way for a child to learn the language. The competition is designed to help students improve in their spellings, increase their vocabulary, learn new concepts and develop the correct usage of the English language.

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1. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company (Click)

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1. English Language Teachers' Association of India.

2. International Association of Teachers of English as Foreign Language, U.K.

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1. Directorate Of Industries, Maharashtra State Regd. No. 27-021-21 02302 Part II (Click)

2. Service Tax Regn. No. AARPI9867LSD001

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ICICI Bank, Dombivli Branch, A/c English Marathon, A/c No. 008805500422,
IFSC Code No. ICIC0000088

-: Our Vision :-

Create conducive environment where every “School Student” can participate learn, compete and benefit.

-: Our Mission :-

English Marathon is a competition to encourage today’s youth to fulfill “life Ambition” with the support of the English language vocabulary, correct spelling & grammar to accomplish his career to authoritarian paramount heights.